SpaceX continues the course!

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been in the news, everywhere for the last few years. He has established something incredibly productive and futuristic. He is only taking it to the next level with one giant step at a time.

Elon musk is on another level when it comes gain profit from the SpaceX projects. He is frequently changing the public view on space and how people thought about space traveling. Watching him doing all those stuff is like watching the future in present. Because that is how it is right now!

All the giant companies are giving people the vibe of change. Amazon is coming up with drone delivery system. Uber is trying to get the auto driving vehicle in hand. It is quite possible that they already launched their first experimental process in some places. This is what clearly states that the future is now.

SpaceX has gone on to the space literally and metaphorically. They are planning trips for people who are not involved in any type of space related materials. It means people, who are capable for a ride in outer space with their own money will be able to go and visit the space in a space shuttle.

Space traveling used to be a dream for people of any kind before all these process to traveling space. Now it seems it will be done in a couple years. This is truly magnificent and amazing. There were people who will tell others about their dream, now there will be people who will visit the space and soon enough it might become common for people to travel in space.

With machine advancement we are heading at these direction in the highest of speed. Will it be good for us or will it bring something bad for us? Well, since we are living in the future, we might know it soon enough!

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