The significance of Stars in our day to day life~

Stars are not what we see. Rather it is something more astounding, something more meaningful. The brightness they hold seems like a charm when it is dark. What could possibly brighter than a star in our universe?

The sun is a star. The Earth and the other planets orbits around it with perfection. The more someone thinks about it the more they are charmed. It takes all the astronomer, scientist, mathematicians, and genius people to convey the message of the stars to the common people. Because most of the people are only considerate of knowledge that surrounds them rather than the knowledge of what is up in the sky.

The sun

The sky is so vast for people to even think about it. It is bright and shiny. It is also dark and gloomy. The brighter it is in the day and so is darker in the night. The philosophy behind it was once a legend. Which is why people used to worship the sun long ago.

Stars in the sky

Moon is as important as the sun. The cycle of a full moon concludes the yearly time management calendar. It has an impact on sea levels high and low tides. Because of the moon’s own gravity things like this happens.

The Sun, Moon and the stars all have their own impacts on our lives in many different ways. They are as important as any other knowledge that we seek in life.


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