Nov. 9, 1967: Saturn V Launches on Maiden Voyage with Apollo 4

On Nov. 9, 1967, NASA launched the highly effective new Saturn V rocket on its maiden voyage.

The Saturn V was 363 ft tall. That is taller than the Statue of Liberty! It was the most important and strongest rocket ever constructed. NASA wanted this highly effective rocket to launch astronauts to the moon. Nonetheless, the primary Saturn V launch did not carry astronauts, as a result of it was solely a take a look at flight.

Throughout the launch, the rocket created a loud shockwave that shocked close by observers. The bottom shook so onerous that it rattled buildings miles away, and all of the shaking brought on an enormous bathe of mud and particles NASA’s new launch heart.

The mission lasted eight hours and 36 minutes. The rocket carried a spacecraft that splashed down within the Pacific Ocean. One 12 months later, one other Saturn V rocket launched the primary astronauts to the moon with the Apollo eight mission. The entire Apollo missions that adopted additionally launched on Saturn V rockets.

The final Saturn V launched in 1973 with NASA’s Skylab area station.

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