Smart mirror for the future mirror!

Ayi: AI-Powered Smart Mirror on your residence.
Meet your new private assistant. The world’s most visually beautiful AI-Powered Sensible Mirror, on your residence.
You need to use it for cellphone calls, getting maps, ask for rides, good residence assistant, and many others. It is extremely handy and sensible for technological makes use of.

Smart things are the most desirable things for the future. Everyone wants something that can back them up without needing any form of human help. Smart things will only make life more easier for people around the globe.

A smart looking glass can show your calendar, weather, and news like something out of a sci-fi movie. Powered by a Raspberry Pi, you can build your own with some simple tools and hardware.

Future mirror is only going to be an visual presentation of future technology. It will have held things to be more precise than ever. Kickstart smart mirror has cause a great deal of futuristic thoghtfulness.

A mirror is flat or curved surface usually produced of glass that has had a reflective coating applied to it. Mirrors are also used in technology and they are an important component in scientific instruments such as telescopes, industrial machinery, cameras and lasers.

It is believed that mirrors made of metal-backed glass this type of mirror was first produced in Lebanon in the first century AD and the Romans made crude mirrors from blown glass with lead backings.

This future looking glass will bring value to people’s life. Life will be lot more easier if you can use your reflector to do more one thing. Using it as gps or controling home temperature will not only make uncomplicated but also make things a lot quicker than ever before.

It is the age of technology. Hope future holds something better for all human kinds.

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