The Time Machine

The time machine is a very famous futuristic idea of a machine that can go forward into the future or backward into the past.

Since the knowledge of mankind increase over the course of time, people have always wanted to conquer the time itself. After everything that has happened in recent years with the epidemic use of the internet, social media, mobile devices and other electronic media, people, in general, have been touched by the knowledge more than they did into the past. In fact, the time machine is probably the only machine left to be discovered or invented by human beings.

Now the question is why is it important for people to discover and why people are so obsessed about such a machine?

To answer that question first we have to find the answer which is, why it is so popular even when it is not yet discovered or invented? Or it’s not like anyone ever used it, so why?

To find that answer we will have to search the root of the question. Since the beginning of time, mankind was curious about almost everything. They started to ask questions about various things. How to light up the fire? Or, how to build up a place that can be protected from animals and natural calamities?

After gaining knowledge in such areas of expertise which was much needed at that period of time, they started to build up farming lands to grow foods. They started to make families, neighborhoods, and nations. At one point they started to have a clash of ideas. This is the reason why different people went on separate directions to find their answers.

When they had separate ideas whether that is connected to social or religious thoughtfulness, they started to visit faraway lands to seek the answer of their questions apart from their own nations or relative people. Therefore, they found similarities among themselves in other lands. They wanted to live those lands as their own and they felt personally more connected to each other.

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it”~ Karl Marx

Where ever anyone visits in the world there are always people who are in charge of their own nations. No matter how small or large of a nation that is.

The great wars were fought mostly because of the clash between different ideologies and enrich greater power while they are at it because this is how it worked for any nations of the past and the present.

Now, you all can think what in the past happened is in the past? What does it have to do with something that can only be achieved or accomplished in this era or decade or century?

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